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Check out our TIE IT & TRY IT fly tying kits!
Chattahoochee Media is proud to offer its line of TIE IT & TRY IT™ fly tying kits! Each kit contains all materials needed (except tying thread) to tie 20 flies (but don't be surprised if you find extra materials included!) plus a full-size, fully-illustrated tying guide that shows you exactly how to tie the flies. Each guide features the clear step-by-step instructions and detailed illustrations that you've come to expect from Chattahoochee Media's fly tying publications.
     These kits are the perfect way to learn to tie a new fly or to help you stock up your fly box for the coming season or an upcoming fishing trip. They make great gifts too! To order, click on one of the red links to the webstore.
     We are always coming up with new kits, so check back often!


New kits from!


3-D Sucker Spawn Fly Tying Kit

Egg imitations are great flies, especially when fishing stocked or Delayed Harvest trout streams, and our new 3-D Sucker Spawn Kit will teach you how to tie and fish one of the most effective egg imitations we've seen! 

     This kit includes everything you need (except tying thread) to tie 20 3-D Sucker Spawns. The kit includes hooks, four different types of body yarn (with plenty of extra yarn!), brass beads, and glass beads - plus a detailed instruction guide that takes you through the tying process step by step. You'll really enjoy tying and fishing this fly!     


The 3-D Sucker Spawn Fly Tying Kit is just $18.95. It is available from our webstore and from many fly shops. 


Hudson Streamer Fly Tying Kit

The Hudson Streamer is a minnow imitation which took shape several years ago while I was working on the book "Tying Flies For Stocked Trout." Since that time, it has gone on to become my favorite streamer pattern for trout.

     This pattern was developed especially for fishing for stocked trout, including Delayed Harvest trout. It's proven to be good for wild trout too - and bass also go for it! 

     This kit includes everything needed (except thread) to tie 20 Hudson Streamers - hooks, brass beads, glass beads, plenty of flash material for tail and body, hackle feathers, hackle yarn, and specially blended red dubbing. 

     The kit also includes a detailed tying guide covering every step of the tying process. 


The Hudson Streamer Fly Tying Kit is just $21.95. It is available from our webstore and from many fly shops.


Another new kit!

The Elk Hair Caddis is one of the most popular dry flies for trout, and the new Tie It & Try It ELK HAIR CADDIS FLY TYING KIT will help you learn to tie and fish the EHC! 

     This kit includes all materials (except thread) to tie 20 Elk Hair Caddis dries - dry fly hooks, several colors of dubbing, selected dry fly hackle, and a patch of elk hair to use for making the fly's wing. 

     Patches of other types of hair are also included to allow you to experiment with trying some different approaches to tying this fly.

     You'll enjoy tying and fishing the Elk Hair Caddis!

     Order your Elk Hair Caddis Fly Tying Kit today for just $21.95! Available on our webstore and from many fly shops as well.


Also check out...

Our new TIE IT & TRY IT (tm) FOAM FROG CONSTRUCTION SET fly tying kit is just the thing to help you get started tying foam frogs for some great bass fishing! 

     This kit includes materials (except for thread) to tie at least 20 great Foam Frogs! You'll learn to create Foam Frogs using sheet foam as well as block foam, and you will also learn how to add legs to your frogs for incredible action on the water. In addition to body material in multiple colors, this kit includes Foam Frog hooks in three styles (straight shank as well as two styles of kinked-shank hooks). Also included is a generous selection of rubber leg material in two colors (black and white), sheets of thin foam for creating eyes, and jeweled stick-on eyes for those occasions when your frogs need a little extra bling. 

     The Foam Frog Construction Set is just $21.95. Available only from our webstore and from select fly shops!



JUST #39.95!!!

To help you get through these most interesting times, there's no better way than to settle into your most comfortable chair and learn some new fly patterns - and our CABIN FEVER FLY TYING KIT SPECIAL is just the thing to help make that happen!

     This special has proven to be extremely popular, so we're once again making it available for a limited time!

     This special lets you pick ANY THREE of our Tie It & Try It Kits at a special price of just $39.95. That's a substantial savings! 

     Look over our great line-up of kits, and then simply specify which three kits you'd like when you place your order.

     This Cabin Fever Special is available for a limited time and only on this website at the special price of $39.95


Order direct from our web store!


The Woolly Bugger Kit
The woolly bugger is one of the most popular flies for trout, bass and other species, and this kit will teach you how to tie 'em! Includes materials (except thread) to tie 20 beadhead woolly buggers using a variety of bead head materials. With 20-page illustrated guide to tying and fishing woolly buggers. $18.95


The Brim Buster Kit

The Brim Buster is a fantastic fly for warm water fly fishing, especially when you're after bluegill and other "brim." This kit gives you everything you'll need (except thread)  to tie 20 great Brim Busters of your own in a variety of colors and styles! Includes 20-page illustrated guide to tying and fishing Brim Busters. $18.95

The Foam Spider Kit

Foam spiders are a favorite surface fly for warmwater fly fishing in rivers, creeks and ponds from spring through fall! This kit includes all of the materials you'll need (except thread) to tie 20 foam spiders, plus a detailed 20-page guide to tying and fishing foam spiders for a variety of fishing situations. $18.95


Pheasant Tail Nymph Kit

The Pheasant Tail Nymph is a classic among classics. This kit gives you everything you need (except thread) to tie 20 Pheasant Tail Nymphs...with additional material to tie the original version of the fly as tied by pattern creator Frank Sawyer. Includes a 24-page illustrated guide to tying and fishing Pheasant Tails. $18.95

The Y2K Kit

At last - a fly tying kit that teaches you how to tie several different versions of the highly effective Y2K, a fly that's proven its value over the years! This kit includes everything you'll need (except thread) to tie 20 Y2Ks in several different styles. Also includes a thoroughly illustrated 20-page tying and fishing guide. S18.95


Popping Bug Kit

Every fly fisher loves popping bugs! This kit includes materials (except thread) to tie 20 great poppers, plus a fully illustrated 24-page guide to tying and fishing these great flies. This kit also includes a block of uncut foam body material to allow you to create popping bug bodies of your own design. $18.95

The San Juan Worm Kit

San Juan Worms are definitely in the "universal" fly category, and this kit will help you learn to tie and fish several different styles of this versatile fly. Includes materials needed (except thread) to tie 20 San Juan Worms in a variety of styles. Also includes a detailed illustrated 20-page guide to tying and fishing this fly. $18.95


Shelf Liner Ant Kit

Ant imitations are the fly fisher's secret weapon, and this innovative kit teaches you to tie versions of the innovative "shelf liner" ants! Includes all materials needed (except thread) to tie 20 flies. You'l learn to tie Ken's Crazy Ant and the Diamond Ant in several styles. $18.95


Gurgler Fly Tying Kit

The Gurgler just may be the best topwater fly ever developed for bass and saltwater species, and this kit makes it easy for you to learn how to the them. With hooks and materials (except thread) for 15 great Gurglers to use when you're going after the big ones! This kit is the perfect introduction to this great fly. $24.95

Rubberlegs Tying Kit

The Rubberlegs is an exceptionally effective stonefly nymph imitation, and this kit gives you everything you need to learn to tie Rubberlegs on your own. The kit includes everything you need (except thread) to tie 20 great Rubberlegs stonefly nymph imitations in a variety of colors and in weighted and unweighted styles. $18.95

Mop Fly Tying Kit

The Mop Fly is taking the fly fishing world by storm, and this exciting new kit is the perfect way to see what the excitement is all about. Includes materials (except thread) to tie 20 Mop Flies plus a thoroughly illustrated tying and fishing guide. $18.95


Blue Asassin Tying Kit

The Blue Assassin has proven to be one of the best midge emerger patterns you'll find, and this kit is just the thing to teach  you how to tie and fish it! Includes material (except thread) to tie 20 Blue Assassins, plus a great 24-page, fully illustrated tying and fishing guide. You will love tying and fishing this fly! $18.95


Red-Nosed Yeti Tying Kit

The Red-Nosed Yeti is one of my favorite flies for fishing for white bass, hybrid bass, and even striped bass. It does a great job with trout, too, and is an exceptional Delayed Harvest trout fly! Use it wherever you're trying to imitate small baitfish. I'm betting it will become one of your favorites too! Kit includes everything you need (except thread) to tie 20 Red-Nosed Yetis. $18.95.

Prince Nymph Tying Kit

The Prince Nymph is a classic among classics, and it belongs in the every fly fisher's fly box. Our Prince Nymph kit teaches you how to tie this time honored fly. The kit includes all materials (except tying thread) needed to tie 20 great Prince Nymphs, and a thoroughly illustrated tying guide makes it easy for you to master the process every step of the way. $18.95

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Tying Kit

The Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear, or GRHE, is one of hte most loved nymph patterns of all time. Effective wherever fish feed on nymphs (and that's pretty much everywhere!) it has accounted for untold numbers of trout over the years. Our Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear kit includes everything you need (except thread) to tie 20 Gold Ribbed Hare's Ears, plus an illustrated instruction book that guides you every step of the way. $18.95

Foam Frog Construction Set Fly Tying Kit

Foam Frogs are great bass flies, and this kit includes everything you need (except thread and adhesives) to tie some great frog imitations for your next trip to the bass water! Includes material to tie at least 20 Foam Frogs using sheet foam as well as block foam for the body - plus rubber leg material and eye material to take your frogs to the next level! Includes hooks in three different styles. Get started making foam frogs today! $24.95.


Hudson Streamer Tying Kit

Here's your chance to learn to tie our favorite fly for Delayed Harvest and other stocked trout streams. This streamer is a very effective pattern just about everywhere trout are found. It's proven to be a great bass pattern too. This kit will teach you how to tie this fly. Includes materials (except thread) for tying 20 Hudson Streamers. $21.95

3-D Sucker Spawn Tying Kit

The 3-D Sucker Spawn is one of the most effective egg imitations we've found. Easy to tie and effective on the water, this is another great fly to add to your box - especially if you're targeting Delayed Harvest or other stocked trout. Includes all materials (except thread) for tying 20 3-D Sucker Spawns in several proven colors. $18.95.

More new Tie It & Try It kits coming soon!