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The Tying Bench!

The Tying Bench is our exciting series of family-friendly weekly on-line fly tying workshops and clinics! Each week we look at tying a different pattern - from classic trout flies to big bass bugs...and everything in between!

     There is no charge to be a part of The Tying Bench!

     Learn more about this week's fly (and the materials you'll need to tie it) at right. You'll find Zoom login details at the bottom of the column.

     And I hope you'll check out our diverse and ever-growing line of fly tying kits and tying and fishing guides too. I'm sure you'll find something that you'll enjoy!


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This week, June 12:

Tying Two Great


This Saturday (June 12 at 10 a.m. Eastern) on The Tying Bench: Two great egg imitations that will work well on stocked trout streams far and wide!
     We'll be tying the Enhanced Y2K (a souped-up version of the traditional Y2K) and the 3D Sucker Spawn (an easy-to-tie egg cluster imitation that's one of the most effective egg imitations I've ever used). The are outstanding flies for use wherever stocked trout are present!
     I look forward to seeing you Saturday morning!
     Here's what you'll need to tie these two great flies:

Enhanced Y2K materials:

HOOK: Size 12 regular (preferred) or 1XL nymph hook Smaller hooks can also be used.
BEAD: Tungsten, brass, or glass bead suitable for the hook size you are using. Gold or red are ideal. Orange or pink work fine too!
THREAD:  3/0 or 210 denier RED thread (or strong 6/0 thread). Use 6/0 for smaller hooks.
BODY MATERIAL #1: Yellow Y2K yarn. There are many different types of yarn offered as Y2K yarn; most any of them will work fine.
BODY MATERIAL #2: Orange Y2K yarn.
DUBBED COLLAR: Red dubbing.

3D Sucker Spawn materials:

HOOK: Size 12 regular or 1XL nymph hook
THREAD: 3/0 or 210 denier RED thread (or strong 6/0 thread)
BODY: Two to four plies from a piece of multi-ply pink yarn. Baby blanket yarn is ideal.

Other materials and tools you might want to have: 

Dubbing wax (not essential, but makes it easier to apply the red dubbing to thread when tying the enhanced Y2K)

Please note that Tie It & Try It kits are available for each of these great flies! Find them in our webstore or at your local fly shop!

ZOOM Login Details:
Meeting ID: 996 2547 1844
Passcode: FlyTying12 [two capital letters, no spaces]