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The Tying Bench is our exciting series of family-friendly weekly on-line fly tying workshops and clinics! Each week we look at tying a different pattern - from classic trout flies to big bass bugs...and everything in between!

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Saturday, April 17, 2021 on The Tying Bench: 
Learn to tie the "Brim Buster"!

10:00 AM Eastern (US and Canada) on Zoom
Meeting ID: 988 5103 0871
Passcode: FlyTying17

Every now and then, someone will ask me to name my favorite fly. "If you could only have one fly to use," they'll ask, "what would it be?"

It doesn't take me long to answer: the Brim Buster!

The Brim Buster was originally developed as an imitation of a damselfly nymph. There are lots of these in the pond at my folks' place, and I wanted a pattern that would be an effective imitation. What eventually emerged was the Brim Buster, and to say it was effective would be an understatement!

But it turns out that the Brim Buster is a great trout fly too. Stocked trout love. So do wild trout, it seems -- even wild native brookies!

If I upsize it, largemouth and spotted bass attack it with gusto. And if I upsize it a little more it becomes a great saltwater pattern too.

I think you'll like it as much as I do!

Please note that we offer an exciting Tie It & Try It kit for tying the Brim Buster! Check it out on our webstore!


Materials you'll need to tie the Brim Buster:

Size 10 or 12 nymph hook, regular or 1XL

3/0 or strong 6/0 in same color as body

Gold or silver dumbbell eyes cut from a length of beadchain

Medium-fine silver, copper or gold ribbing wire

Straight cut rabbit strip. The color of the strip should approximately match the color of the thread. Favorite colors include black, olive, white, chartreuse, and that red-yellow-orange combo known as "fire tiger." If you're using "fire tiger" rabbit strips, consider using orange thread.

You might consider picking up the rabbit strip body material in several colors. It's inexpensive, and that will allow you to tie several versions of this fly!



You'll need a way to cut the dumbbell eyes from the piece of bead chain. My favorite cutting tool is either a set of diagonal cutting pliers...OR a set of toenail clippers from the corner drugstore!


Zoom meeting details:
10:00 AM Eastern (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 988 5103 0871
Passcode: FlyTying17