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Innovative products for those who enjoy the out-of-doors

One favorite activity of Chattahoochee Media founder and editorial director Steve Hudson is sharing fishing and outdoor related programs and workshops with clubs, groups and other organizations around the country.

Steve offers a variety of programs, including several that are suitable for monthly fishing club meetings. The presentations are always lively and invariably fun! Many can be paired with hands-on fly tying or fly casting clinics too.

Here's a look at some of the programs that are available. If you'd be interested in finding a time to schedule Steve to visit your group and present one of these programs or seminars, please don't hesitate to contact us at or at (770) 329-7642.


NEW! Hiking the Hooch

The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (CRNRA), which has been called "Atlanta's Back Yard," includes well over a dozen developed units and stretches from Bowmans Island near Lake Lanier's Buford Dam south for about 48 miles...all the way to inside Interstate 295, the Atlanta Perimeter. It's an oasis of natural beauty and a treasure not to be missed.

       One of the best ways to experience the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is on foot, hiking some of the park's excellent trails. There are plenty of opportunities to do so too! In fact, this unique park offers more than 50 miles of outstanding hiking on a wide variety of trails. There's something here for for hikers of all ages and all levels of experience - and this program is the perfect way to help you get ready to discover that great CRNRA hiking on your own!

       Based on Steve Hudson's recently published book "Hiking the Hooch," which is earning praise as the definitive guide to the trails of CRNRA, this presentation gives you an up-close look at the many and varied hiking opportunities available within CRNRA. Through this program you'll learn about the great trails of CRNRA, with plenty of tips on how to pick a hike, how to get ready for it, how to find and access the trails, and how to get the most out of the experience when you go.

       Along the way you'll discover fantastic hiking on trails that range from easy (and easily accessible) to fairly strenuous and relatively remote. You'll also find incredible wildlife, exciting history, and abundant scenic beauty - and quite a few trailside surprises too!

       Two versions of this program are offered: a short version that runs 40-45 minutes, and a longer and more in-depth seminar-style version that runs about two hours (with a break in the middle).


Trout Fishing in Georgia

From tiny sparkling brooks far back in the mountains to wide western-style rivers within sight of an Interstate highway, Georgia is blessed with some of the finest trout fishing in the eastern United States - and Trout Fishing In Georgia tells you all about it!

In this exciting program, you'll discover just how much fun trout fishing in Georgia can be as you discover some of the exciting trout fishing opportunities that await you on the states streams and rivers. You'll experience the beauty of the North Georgia mountains while at the same time learning about the state's different trout species and about the many opportunities to fish for them.

This is a great program presentation for any group!


Bluelining 101

If you’re looking for new horizons to explore in fly fishing, then maybe it’s time for you to get off the beaten path – and if you really want to get off the beaten path, then bluelining may be the thing for you! Bluelining – the fine art of fishing for wild fish in tiny little streams that show up only as “blue lines” on topo maps – offers the potential for exploring and fishing waters that may seldom or ever see another fisherman. This program will help you get started in the bluelining game by showing you what you need to find, access, explore and fish these little-known waters. Those great “secret” streams may be closer than you think, and this program will show you how to find them!


This presentation can also be paired with a hands-on tying workshop which teaches participants how to tie some effective flies especially for use on bluelines.


Getting Started in Saltwater Fly Fishing

More and more, fly fishers are discovering how much fun saltwater fly fishing can be – and this program shows how you can get in on the fun too! In this presentation you’ll learn how not only how to make the transition from freshwater to saltwater fly fishing but also how to plan and enjoy your own do-it-yourself saltwater fly fishing adventure. You’ll learn about the equipment you need and about the flies that work. You’ll learn how to rig everything up. You’ll even discover some specific Florida Gulf Coast locales that you can explore with your fly rod – and when we’re done, you’ll have the knowledge you need to begin enjoying saltwater fly fishing on your own!


This presentation can also be paired with a hands-on tying workshop which teaches participants how to tie some of the most essential saltwater flies.


An Introduction to Warmwater Flyfishing

Fly fishing in "warmwater" – for species such as bass, bluegill, crappie, and a host of other species  – is one of the great joys of spring, summer, and fall. How can you successfully get in on the warmwater flyfishing fun yourself? This program will show you! It covers all the keys to discovering the exciting world of warmwater flyfishing. You'll learn how to select flies and equipment, how to locate good places to fish, and how to use the right tactics and strategies to maximize your warmwater flyfishing success. You'll even learn some “secret” warmwater flyfishing strategies that will help you have even more fun on the water.

This presentation can also be paired with a hands-on tying workshop which teaches participants how to tie some of the most versatile flies for for warmwater flyfishing.


Designing and Fishing Flies

for Stocked and Delayed Harvest Trout

Great stocked and delayed harvest trout waters offer incredible fishing opportunities in many areas, and in this program you’ll learn about tying and fishing a number of flies that are specifically designed for use on stocked trout streams. Workshop leader Steve Hudson has recently authored  “TYING FLIES FOR STOCKED TROUT,” a comprehensive guide to creating and tying flies especially for fishing for trout in stocked or delayed harvest waters. This workshop will look at what goes into designing and tying those flies, and it will share a number of specific proven patterns and fishing strategies for use on stocked streams throughout the region.

This presentation can also be paired with a hands-on tying workshop which focuses on some key flies designed specifically for stocked trout.


Chattahoochee Trout

From its headwaters as a tiny trickle in the mountains near Helen, Ga., to well inside Atlanta’s I-285 perimeter highway, the Chattahoochee River offers many, many miles of trout fishing. It’s an incredible and diverse resource that every trout fisherman should enjoy. 
     This program takes you on an angling journey from the ‘Hooch headwaters all the way to Atlanta, showing you some of the trout fishing that awaits you along the way. You’ll explore tiny brooks and mountain creeks far from the sounds of civilization, experience heart-stopping excitement on carefully managed trophy water, and enjoy western-style big-water fishing literally within sight of major interstate highways.
     The Chattahoochee offers it all, and this program will help to get you ready to discover the excitement for yourself!