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Beginning Fly Tying Course

Online "intro to fly tying" course live via Zoom!

Tuesday, March 1 
and Thursday, March 3 

This is a two-session course, and you'll want to attend both sessions. Please note that each session starts at 7 p.m. Eastern and lasts about 2.5 hours, with a break in the middle.

Would you (or someone you know) like to learn to tie flies? Then you'll want to be a part of Fly Tying 101, a special online introduction to fly tying! 

An overview of the course:
Presented live via Zoom on Tuesday, March 1, and Thursday, March 3, this class is designed for folks who have never tied before as well as for those who would like to brush up on basic skills. 

Each session will go from 7 p.m. till about 9:30 p.m., with a break in the middle. You should plan to attend both sessions.

The emphasis in this course will be on learning key skills that every tyer needs to master. Along the way you'll tie several great patterns that you can put to use right away, and when we're done you'll have the skills you'll need to jump feet-first into the fascinating and rewarding world of fly tying.

Is there a book for the course?
Yes! This course will use the book FLY TYING 101 by Steve Hudson as its text. This book is available here in our webstore, on Amazon, or or from many fly shops.

Materials and tools for the Fly Tying 101 course:
A special Fly Tying 101 Student Kit, which includes not only the book Fly Tying 101 but also the materials that we will use in the class, is also available. In the north Atlanta area, this kit is available from Alpharetta Outfitters or, if you're not in the area, it's also available from

Please note that this kit does not include a tying vise or other tying tools; you'll want to pick those up separately. You'll need a tying vise, fly tying scissors, a bobbin (thread holder), and a knot tying tool known as a "half hitch tool." I recommend that you visit your local fly shop to discuss the many tool options that are available and to find the tools (especially the vise) that best suits your needs and your budget.

How do I sign up?
To sign up for the course, please contact Alpharetta Outfitters at 678-762-0027. Alternately, drop me an email at Please put "Fly Tying 101" in the subject line. Thanks!

There is no charge to be a part of this special online Fly Tying 101 course, and all are welcome!

Zoom log-in
Here's the Zoom log-in for the course:
Meeting ID: 895 8370 9681 
Passcode (case-sensitive): FT101


Fly Tying 101 
Introduction to Fly Tying course

Consolidated materials list

Here is a list of the materials that will be used in the class: 

* Size 8 2XL or 3XL (Woolly Bugger-style) hooks
* Size 10 and/or size 12 hook (dry fly style hook) standard length or 1XL

* 3/0 or Veevus 6/0 red
* 3/0 or Veevus 6/0 black

* Black standard-size chenille
* Green standard-size chenille
* "Ultra Chenille" (suitable for San Juan Worms) in red, pink, and/or burgundy

* Red yarn (baby blanket-type yarn)
* Pink yarn (baby blanket-type yarn)

* Black marabou
* Olive marabou
* Woolly Bugger hackle feathers – A good way to get these is to get a “Woolly Bugger Pack,” which includes feathers chosen for this application, or in a pack of “strung hackle.” Colors: Natural grizzly (a gray/white barred feather – my personal favorite!) or other colors including olive, tan, or even solid black or olive.

Straight-cut rabbit, regular width. Many colors (black, olive, tan, brown, chartreuse, firetiger, etc.) can be used. 

Beads and such:
* Gold- or silver-colored brass beads (to fit that size 8 Woolly Bugger hook)
* Glass beads (large) – included in the materials kit, but optional
* Bead chain (gold or silver color)

Other materials:
* Flash material (silver or pearl)
* Ribbing wire
* 3mm foam sheet
* Stranded rubber leg material

In addition to the tying materials, you’ll also need the following items in the “tools” category:

1) A tying vise (it’s only job is to hold the hook – get one that you’re comfortable with!)
2) Fly tying scissors (get good ones!)
3) A fly tying bobbin (this holds the thread spool while you tie)
4) A bobbin threader tool (inexpensive…and makes life MUCH easier!)
5) A half hitch tool (often sold as a set of three – also inexpensive, and sure to become a favorite tool!)
6) Some Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails clear nail polish (to use as head cement)
7) A small butane lighter
8) Optional but recommended: A fine-tip dispenser bottle for dispensing the head cement

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Beginner Fly Tying Course

Q: Is there a charge for this course?

A: There is no charge for the course.

Q: Do I need any prior fly tying experience to take this course?

A: No prior experience required!

Q: I've done some tying already. Will this course be helpful to me?

A; The Intro to Fly Tying course is a great refresher for any fly tyer!


Q: Do I have to have a copy of the Fly Tying 101 book to take this course?

A: No, you do not have to have a copy of the book. However, folks who have taken the course in the past have found the book to be very helpful. You can purchase the book through our webstore (, from Amazon, or from many local fly shops.

Q: Where can I get the needed tying materials?

A: You can order a set of materials for this class from our webstore ( or in the Atlanta area from Alpharetta Outfitters. You can also purchase tying materials ala carte from your local fly shop. Please see the "materials" list below for an inventory of what we'll be using.