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How to find gold in the mountains and streams of Georgia. 84 pages.

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Yes, there's still plenty of "gold in them thar hills" - and our newest book, PROSPECTING FOR GEORGIA GOLD, will help you get in on the fun of finding it yourself!

     Gold prospecting is an exciting activity that the whole family can enjoy, and PROSPECTING FOR GEORGIA GOLD helps you every step of the way. From A to Z, this great new guide shows you everything you'll need to know to search for Georgia gold on your own. 

     Here's just a sampling of what's covered in this lively and highly readable book:

     • A look at the Georgia "Gold Belt"

     • How and where to find good areas for prospecting

     • "Reading" a creek to find the best places to look for gold

     • Gearing up for prospecting

     • How to choose the right gold pan

     • Learning to pan for gold...the fun and easy way!

     • Special "must-see" sites of particular interest to gold prospectors

     PROSPECTING FOR GEORGIA GOLD is a book that you'll want to read and use over and over again. Visit our webstore to order your first-edition copy to get in on the prospecting fun today! Order on our webstore!


A complete guide to the hiking trails of Atlanta's Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. 120 pages, $12.95.

Stretching more than 48 miles from near Buford Dam to inside Atlanta’s I-285, the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area offers more than 50 miles of world-class hiking trails, and HIKING THE HOOCH is the first and only hiking guide to cover all of the developed trails within CRNRA. It’s just the thing to help you explore these great trails on your own!
      Here’s what’s inside:
          • Detailed trail guides plus accurate, up-to-date maps
          • Info on trailhead access
          • Helpful insights on what you’ll find along the trails
          • Tips on planning your CRNRA hiking adventures
      The author has been hiking CRNRA's trails for many years and has written about them for a number of magazines and other publications.
      "People tell me time and again that they had no idea there was this kind of hiking right here within the Atlanta metropolitan area," he says. "I hope that HIKING THE HOOCH will help people discover this great resource that's literally in our back yards." Order on our webstore!

What folks are saying about HIKING THE HOOCH:

“At last – a complete and comprehensive guide to the trails of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. This is definitely a book that Atlanta hikers have been waiting for.”

Matt Westborn, a frequent hiker on trails throughout the southeast


A detailed guide to the great hiking trails of Unicoi State Park and Anna Ruby Falls. 72 pages, $9.95

The trails of Unicoi State Park and the Anna Ruby Falls area offer fantastic hiking for folks of all ages and abilities. Whether you're looking for an easy hike with the kids or a challenging backcountry adventure, you'll find that the perfect trail awaits you here!
     This book is loaded with the great maps and detailed trail descriptions which Chattahoochee Media's outdoor publications are known for. Along these trails way you'll find miles of great hiking with something for everyone, whether you're a beginning hiker or a seasoned veteran with many miles on your boots.  There's even a trail for the visually impaired. These trails carry you through a wide range of environments from restful bottomland and along gentle streams to rocky ridges which offer spectacular views. There are excellent wildlife and wildflower viewing opportunities, and there's even a world-class waterfall at Anna Ruby Falls. You'll want to make this guide your regular companion as you hike these exciting trails! Order on our webstore!

What folks are saying about HIKING UNICOI:

"Hiking is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, and this is one of the best hiking guides you'll find. It's a must-have for anyone who sets out to explore these great trails."

Matt Westborn, frequent hiker