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Soft-Hackle Emerger Fly Tying Kit


Soft-Hackle Emergers are among my favorite subsurface flies for trout, and so I'm delighted to tell you about this new fly tying kit in our Tie It & Try It series!

The Soft-Hackle Emerger Fly Tying Kit teaches you how to tie Soft-Hackle Emergers in a variety of different styles and using a wide range of different materials. 

Here's what you'll learn to tie in this great new kit:

* The classic dubbed-body Soft-Hackle Emerger

* Yarn-bodied Soft-Hackle Emergers

* Flash-bodied Soft-Hackle Emergers (this is the one we're tying March 5 on The Tying Bench!)

* Chenille-bodied Soft-Hackle Emergers, flies with a larger profile that are ideal for warmwater as well as coldwater fisheries

Like our other Tie It & Try It kits, this one features a detailed instruction book with fully illustrated instructions. This makes it easier than ever to learn to tie these great patterns!

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