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This special materials kit is designed to accompany the special make-and use-your-own-dubbing edition of The Tying Bench. The kit includes a generous selection of raw materials which will allow you to create a wide range of different types of dubbing. You'll need to add your own blending tools (short-bristled wire cat grooming brushes) as well as scissors for cutting up the raw materials -- and you'll be on your way to creating your own great dubbing blends!

And yes, that's right -- this materials kit is almost FREE (actually it would be free, but I had to price it at one cent because the webstore would not take 0.00 as a price).

Please note that you will have to pay shipping.

The material package is my gift to you to help you see just how much fun it can be to make and use your own dubbing!

Please only one free materials kit per address. Thank you!

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