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Delayed Season is here! To help you enjoy it, we have put together a set of 15 of our favorite flies for Delayed Harvest trout fishing on any of the DH streams in Georgia.

Each of these flies is tied right here in Alpharetta, Ga., and these are the flies we'll be using ourselves on our DH outings!

Here's what's in the set:

1 ea. Hudson [Stocked Trout] Streamer

1 ea Chebaw Fly bead-bodied streamer

2 ea Weenies (one pink, one red)

2 ea Pink Sucker Spawn

3 ea Beadhead Y2Ks

2 ea Chartreuse San Juan Worms

2 ea Pink Squirmy Worms

2 ea Chamois Worms

These flies (15 flies total) are packaged in a water-resistant box which features a completely removable lid.


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