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Worm Imitation Fly Assortment in Water-Resistant Box


Here's a great selection of flies for every fly fisher who goes after trout -- our Worm Imitation Assortment!

     Packed and shipped in a water-resistant fly box, this collection will give you a DOZEN great worm imitation patterns to try on your favorite trout water. It includes the following: two Green Weenies, two Red Weenies, two Pink San Juan Worms (including one tied 3-D style with a looped body), two Chartreuse San Juan Worms (including one tied 3-D style), two Red San Juan Worms (including one tied 3-D style), and two Chamois Worms. 

     Each of these flies is tied right here in Alpharetta, Ga., and they represent some of my favorite patterns. Here's a more detailed look:

     San Juan Worms are incredible flies for trout. The first trout I caught was on a San Juan Worm, and these flies have helped me land thousands more in the years since. They work just about everywhere, and I'm sure you'll find them effective in your own favorite waters.

     The Green Weenie and Red Weenie flies are another take on worm imitations. They are particularly effective in wild trout streams. These flies are very effective imitations of inchworms and other small worms, and they make great caddis larvae imitations too!

     The Chamois Worm is something you may not have tried before...but you will love it! Tied with a specially prepared strip of soft chamois leather for the body, this fly shows trout something a little different. It has been an exceptional fly for me in trophy waters and on large fish. 

     The flies in this collection are packed and shipped in a water-resistant box which features a thick foam base liner and a removable lid. Boxes are available in red, blue and green (the green one is shown here). If you have a color reference, let us know...and if we have it on hand at the time of your order we will be glad to package your fly collection in the box of your choice! (If we should be out of your preferred color, we'll select a color for you that complements the flies it contains!).

     This fly collection is one you'll enjoy having yourself; it also makes a great gift for others. I'm sure you will enjoy fishing with these flies.


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