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Our line of Tie It & Try It (tm) fly tying kits continues to grow with the exciting PHEASANT TAIL NYMPH FLY TYING KIT!

     The Pheasant Tail Nymph is one of the most effective nymphs you'll find, and this great new fly tying kit includes everything needed (except tying thread) to create 20 pheasant tail nymphs. The kit includes hooks, pheasant tail feathers, peacock herl, dubbing, wire for ribbing, and an assortment of beads for bead heads...PLUS a 24-page fully illustrated BOOK which shows you how to tie and fish this classic fly!

     In addition, this kit includes a special bonus -- material as well as instructions to help you tie the original version of this fly as it was tied by Frank Sawyer, who developed this pattern in England in the 1950s!

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