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Hiking the Hooch


A complete guide to the hiking trails of Atlanta's Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. By Steve Hudson. 120 pages.


Stretching more than 48 miles from near Buford Dam to inside Atlanta's I-285, the Chattahooche River National Recreation Area (CRNRA) offer more than 50 miles of world-class hiking trails -- and HIKING THE HOOCH is the first and only guide to cover all of those trails. It's just the thing to help you explore these great trails on your own! This comprehensive guide includes detailed trail guides and accurate, up-to-date trail maps, plus info on trailhead access and helpful insights on what you'll find along the trails. Whether you're a beginning hiker or a seasoned veteran, and whether you're hiking with family members or going it alone, you'll find plenty of great hikes in CRNRA -- and HIKING THE HOOCH will be the perfect companion to accompany you on your adventures.


This is the book that Atlanta area hikers have been waiting for!

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