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Nymphing 101, Second Edition


Learning how to fish with nymphs, emergers and other subsurface insect imitations. By Steve Hudson. 68 pages.

Fish do as much as 90 percent of their feeding underwater, and "nymphing" (fishing with subsurface insect imitations) can be an incredibly effective way to fish. But getting started in nymphing can seem intimidating - until now! NYMPHING 101, Second Edition, is the perfect book to help demystify nymph fishing and make it easy to learn and enjoy...every step of the way. You'll learn about key underwater insects (and the flies that imitate them). You'll discover how to use split shot and strike indicators. You'll explore several different ways to set up a nymph rig for effective fishing. You'll learn special casting techniques that allow you to work your nymphing rig on the water without creating tangles. This new edition includes additional material, including a great section on Czech nymphing equipment and techniques. And you'll find plenty of on-the-water tips to help you get the most out of every nymph fishing adventure!

"An incredible resource for any fly fisher who wants to learn to fish with nymphs, emergers and other subsurface flies."  -  Adam Williams, fly fishing student

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