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Tying Flies for Stocked Trout


A practical guide to designing and tying flies for trout in stocked streams and delayed harvest waters. By Steve Hudson. 136 pages.

Can you design and tie flies especially for stocked trout? Yes, you can -- and TYING FLIES FOR STOCKED TROUT shows you how. Drawing on insights into why stocked trout behave as they do, this book shows you how to tie dozens of proven flies that have been designed especially with stocked trout in mind. You'll find step-by-step tying instructions, all illustrated by clear and highly detailed illustrations of every tying step. You'll also learn why each fly is designed and tied the way it is, and you'll pick up many practical tips on how to fish these flies in a variety of situations. You'll also gain the insights you'll need to design, create and customize even more patterns of your own design.

"A great starting point for beginners, or a refresher for more experienced anglers," says Paul Bourcq, guide and member of the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team. "The technicuqes, tying methods and flies are relevant and extremely effective. These patterns as well as the techniques hould be in any angler's fishing arsenal."

"A fantastic reference book," says Jimmy Harris of Unicoi Outfitters. "You'll feel that Steve is right there with you offering his guidance at each step along the way."

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