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Chattahoochee Delayed Harvest Fly Fishing Guide


Everything you need to know to enjoy fly fishing for trout on the delayed harvest section of Atlanta's Chattahoochee River. By Aaron Sago. 60 pages.

During Georgia's delayed harvest trout season (Nov. 1 through May 14), Atlanta's Chattahoochee River offers miles of fantastic catch-and-release trout fishing -- and this guide will help you get in on the action! Packed with useful info on everything from tactics and flies to where to fish and how to access the river, this detail-packed guide gives fly fishers exactly the kind of info needed to enjoy great delayed harvest trout fishing right in Atlanta. You'll find practical tips on selecting and using flies, helpful suggestions on how to fish various sections of the delayed harvest water, and detailed maps that make it easy to access the water. This is a perfect book for any Chattahoochee delayed harvest fly fisher!

"This book will definitely helpyou get the most out of your time on the Chattahoochee delayed harvest water," says Matt Westborn, a frequent delayed harvest fly fisher. "Great info and great insights. This book will help you catch more fish!"

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