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Hiking Unicoi


A detailed guide to the great hiking trails of Georgia's Unicoi State Park and the nearby Anna Ruby Falls recreation area. By Steve Hudson. 72 pages.

Georgia's Unicoi State Park, along with the nearby Anna Ruby Falls recreation area, offers incredible hiking opportunities within easy daytrip distance of Atlanta -- and HIKING UNICOI is the perfect guide to help you enjoy the area's many and diverse trails! This comprehensive guide covers all trails within Unicoi State Park and within the Anna Ruby Falls recreation area, plus the trails linking the state park to Anna Ruby Falls and to the nearby town of Helen. You'll find detailed trail descriptions and accurate, up-to-date maps for all trails. This guide is invaluable to anyone who plans to explore this area's great hiking trails.

"Hiking is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities, and this is one of the best hiking guides you'll find," says Matt Westborn, a frequent Unicoi hiker. "It's a must-have for anyone who sets out to explore these great trails."

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