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Structured Course in Fly Tying


At last -- a self-directed fly tying course that really teaches you all the basics that you the pace that you choose. By Steve Hudson. 288 pages.

A STRUCTURED COURSE IN FLY TYING is earning praise as one of the most effective fly tying instructional books ever! It takes a highly structured approach to teaching the art of fly tying, focusing on techniques and building one technique upon another as you develop your fly tying skills. Along the way you'll use each new skill to tie practical, proven patterns that you can put to work right away. Learning to tie those patterns is made even easier thanks to lavish use of clear and and highly detailed illustrations created especially for this book.  A STRUCTURED COURSE IN FLY TYING is the perfect how-to guide for anyone who wants to learn the fascinating art of fly tying!

"If you want to learn to tie flies, you need this book," says Max Abercrombie, fly tying student. "It works!"

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