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Saturday, Jan. 29, on The Tying Bench:

The Green Weenie 

This morning, there were robins hopping around in the front yard. Can spring be far behind? 

One of my favorite springtime flies is a neat little pattern known as the Green Weenie. This straightforward fly is a worm, a larva, and more -- and it's easy to tie too!

This Saturday on The Tying Bench, we'll be tying several versions of the Green Weenie, and I think you'll enjoy tying and fishing them all!

HOOK: Nymph hook, size 12 or 14. I'll be using straight-shank hooks, but curved-shank hooks can also be used.

BEAD (for the beadhead version): Tungsten or brass in black, silver or gold...or (for a lighter-weight fly) a glass bead. Don't go too big on the bead on this one.

THREAD: 6/0 or 8/0 in black. 
     Note: When tying the non-bead versions of this fly, some tyers like to use TWO colors of tying thread: one that matches the color of the body chenille (used to tie the bulk of the fly) followed by black to form the fly's black head, which is an important element of the fly.

BODY: Ultra Chenille (Vernille) of the type used to tie San Juan Worms. That's the "fused" material, as opposed to material on a simple thread core. Ask for San Juan Worm chenille if you're not sure. Color? Green is the classic (it is, after all, the "Green Weenie") but red, burgundy, and pink are also popular for this fly!

FLASH: Used on one of the version's we'll tie. Pick a flash in a color that matches or complements the body material. There's really no "wrong" answer when it comes to the flash color for this fly!

DUBBING: Black dubbing. I prefer a medium to coarser blend for this pattern.

Other things you will want to have handy:
1) Butane lighter
2) Dubbing wax 

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Saturday, Jan. 29, at 10 a.m. Eastern
Meeting ID: 871 6999 9311
Passcode: FlyTying29 [case sensitive]


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