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Beginning Fly Tying Course

Tuesday, Jan. 12 (session 1 of 2)
Thursday, Jan. 14 (session 2 of 2)

7-9 PM Eastern Time 
The course is free!

Our live and highly interactive online fly tying course is the perfect way to discover the fun of fly tying! The course is based on Steve Hudson's award-winning book FLY TYING 101, and participants in previous classes tell us that it is helpful to have a copy of the book on hand to refer to during and after the course. The book is available from our webstore and from many fly shops, as well as from Amazon.

Presented in conjunction with Alpharetta Outfitters, this course is just the thing to help you take your first steps in fly tying...or to brush up on the basics if you need a refresher!

There is no charge for the course, but please sign up in advance. To sign up, please complete the form above and indicate in the message field that you'd like to sign up for the Beginning Fly Tying Course. Be sure to specify the course date. You will receive an email confirmation when you're added to the class roster.

Need materials for the course? A package including all materials we'll use as well as a copy of the book Fly Tying 101 is available from our webstore or (in the north Atlanta area) from Alpharetta Outfitters. Order the Beginning Fly Tying Course Materials and Book Kit. Please note that this kit does not include a fly tying vise or fly tying tools.


Please note: 

    Please note that while we ship orders via first class or priority mail, mail service seems to be slower these days - particularly as we move into the holiday season. If you want to receive a kit or materials package in time for a specific class or to give as a gift, please order early enough to make sure it gets to you in time. Thank you!


The Tying Bench

Saturday, Jan. 9, at 10 a.m. on Zoom

Tie a bit of history:
Partridge and Orange

This Saturday, we'll continue last week's focus on soft-hackle emergers while simultaneously turning back the clock more than 150 years to the time of the classic Partridge and Orange Soft-Hackle Fly. It's said to have appeared in northern England sometime in the 1840s or 1850s. Near the end of the 19th century, writer T.E. Pritt described it as a "very excellent killer," adding, "...the angler may look upon one of them as indispensable on his cast from April to September, on warm days."
     April is still several months away, so you've got plenty of time to tie a batch of these and add them to your fly box too!
     The fly is typically tied for trout in size 12 to 18, with larger size 10 versions doing a great job on panfish. The traditional tie uses just two materials in addition to the hook: orange thread or tying silk plus a mottled brown or natural Hungarian partridge feather. We'll add some fine gold ribbing (extra fine for very small sizes) as well as a pinch of tan or orange dubbing (the cream Light Cahill hare's ear dubbing we used last week will work well). You can even use a blend with a little sparkle in it!
     A beadhead can be added, if desired, though we'll forego the bead on Saturday. But it is an option.
     Here's a list of the materials:

Materials we'll use:

Hook: Size 12 or 14 nymph or scud hook
Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 orange, or orange flat nylon saltwater-style thread. [Note that some tyers use a second thread, typically 8/0 tan, to form the fly's head and actually finish the fly. You might want to go ahead and pick up a spool of 8/0 tan...thread is cheap, and I'll show you how it's used in case you'd like to try it!]
Ribbing: Fine gold wire
Thorax: Light Cahill or other similar colored rabbit dubbing. A blend with some sparkle and flash in it can be effective!
Hackle: Hungarian partridge feather – brown or natural.

You'll also need... 

In addition to the materials and your basic fly tying tools, you'll also need a few other things:

1) Dubbing wax. You'll need this for forming the thorax.
2) Hackle pliers. While not essential, these make it much easier to handle the relatively small soft-hackle feathers. The one I used last week is made by Stonfo, but any good hackle pliers will do the job.
3) A half-hitch tool with a large hole...or a homemade half-hitch tool fashioned from a ballpoint pen barrel.
4) A second bobbin if you opt to finish with a second kind of thread.

ZOOM Meeting info:

Jan. 9 at 10 a.m. Eastern
Meeting ID: 910 7683 6955
Passcode: FlyTying9 
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Introducing two new Tie It & Try It (tm) fly tying kits that are just the thing for Delayed Harvest trout fishing!

Egg imitations are great flies, especially on stocked or Delayed Harvest streams, and our new 3-D Sucker Spawn Kit will teach you how to tie and fish one of the most effective egg imitations we've seen! This kit includes everything you need (except tying thread) to tie 20 3-D Sucker Spawns. The kit includes hooks, four different types of body yarn (with plenty of extra yarn!), brass beads, and glass beads, plus a detailed instruction guide that takes you through the tying process step by step. You'll really enjoy tying and fishing this fly! $18.95

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New kit #2

Hudson Streamer Fly Tying Kit

The Hudson Streamer took shape several years ago while I was working on the book "Tying Flies For Stocked Trout." It's designed especially for fishing for stocked trout, including Delayed Harvest trout. It's proven to be good for wild trout too - and that bass also go for it! This kit includes everything needed (except thread) to tie 20 Hudson Streamers - hooks, brass beads, glass beads, plenty of flash material for tail and body, hackle feathers, hackle yarn, and specially blended red dubbing. The kit also includes a detailed tying guide covering every step of the tying process. 

Order from our webstore 


International customers: 

Please contact us regarding shipping prior to ordering. Thank you!