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Hello friends!

     Here's some great news!

     To help you get started tying foam frogs (which are in the spotlight on this week's edition of The Tying Bench, our series of online fly tying workshops) we are now offering a special TIE IT & TRY IT (tm) kit made just for foam frogs - the FOAM FROG CONSTRUCTION SET

     This kit includes plenty of foam frog materials: sheet foam in several colors, block foam, white rubber leg strips, black rubber leg strips, thin foam for creating eyes, and hooks (straight-shank hooks for the sheet foam frogs plus two styles of kinked-shank hooks). The kit does not include adhesive or thread. 

     There's plenty here to tie at least 20 foam frogs in several different styles, and I'm sure you'll enjoy putting it (and the frogs you create) to work!

     Check it out in the TYING KITS section of our webstore!

Steve Hudson


Coming up on the 

Tying Bench

On August 15, we'll be tying the Elk Hair Caddis Dry - a favorite among trout fisherfolk (and a pretty good warmwater fly too!)

Then, on August 22, we will be tying the Rubberlegs Stonefly Nymph imitation!

Check out the complete line of Tie It & Try It (tm) fly tying kits at your local fly shop, or order direct from our webstore at or on Amazon!

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This Saturday, August 8, on The Tying Bench
Fly Tying Workshop:

Tying Foam Frogs!

Foam Frogs are great flies for late-summer and fall bass fishing, and this Saturday (by request!) we'll be looking at how you can tie Foam Frogs of your own!

     We'll actually be tying two different styles of foam frogs: one fashioned from sheet foam, and one fashioned from thicker foam blocks. Either one works great! 

     One of the nicest things about getting ready for this episode of The Tying Bench has been "field testing" the patterns at a nearby pond. Yesterday, I was checking out one of the sheet-foam versions, and among the bass that slammed it was a fat largemouth that ran about four pounds. That was my best-ever fly rod bass in that pond. At one point it was actually towing the canoe! But I finally got it to the boat and then released it to grow some more. You can bet that fish put a smile on my face the rest of the afternoon!

     To tie these frogs, here's what we'll be using this coming Saturday:

Hook:  Size 1 hook. We will use straight shank (for the sheet foam frogs) and kinked-shank (for the block-foam frogs) hooks.

Thread: Heavy thread -  3/0 or heavier. Color doesn't matter. 
Body: For sheet foam version: 3mm thick foam sheet in white, light tan, or yellow. For block foam version, a block of foam about a half inch thick. A flipflop sole will do the job; pick chartreuse or green or olive or white.
Legs: We will use rubber leg material which comes in multiple-strand strips. Each strip has about 40 strands on it. We will be using white or black. Leg material that comes in individual strands can be used, but I'll be honest with you - it's a pain to do so. The material which comes in strips is much preferred. 
Eyes (optional): Cut from thin (1mm or 2mm) foam and glued to body of block foam frogs. Eyes can also be added to frogs of either style using a permanent marker. 

Please note that these materials (except thread and adhesives) are now available as part of our new Tie It & Try It "Foam Frog Construction Set" fly tying kit!

Other things you'll need: Medium-type instant set glue (Zap-a-gap medium works fine), head cement, permanent marking pens, single-edge razor blade or X-acto knife, water-based urethane varnish (if you REALLY want your Foam Frogs to shine!).


Topic: The Tying Bench #11: Foam Frogs!

Time: Aug 8, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Passcode: FlyTying08


Now available at your local fly shop and on our webstore: The Tie It & Try It 

"Foam Frog Construction Set" kit!