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Saturday, May 21
10 a.m. Eastern

on The Tying Bench

Tying the
Deer (or Elk) Hair Beetle

As we move through spring and into summer, terrestrials become an important item on the menu of most fish. This Saturday on The Tying Bench, we'll tie one of my favorite terrestrials -- the inimitable Deer (or Elk) Hair Beetle!

Here's what you'll need in the way of materials:

Hook: Size 10 to 16 dry fly hook (if you are new to tying, I suggest size 12). Regular or 1XL. Regular hooks !et you tie more rounded beetles, while the 1XL hook allows you to create beetles with more of a "long-oval" body. These flies are so easy to create that I suggest you tie and carry both!

Thread: Black, 6/0. Choose a strong thread such as Veevus.

Back: Deer or Elk Hair. Most beetle enthusiasts prefer natural, black, or a dark shade of brown. Choose hair that is on the "hollow" side.

Body: Peacock herl

Tools you will find helpful in addition to your basic tying tools:

1) Some very fine-pointed scissors. 
2) Sally Hansen's clear Hard As Nails in the brush applicator bottle. For this fly, leave it in the bottle with the brush.

I hope you can join in on Saturday! I think you'll have a great time!

Zoom meeting details:
Saturday, May 21
10 a.m. Eastern time
Zoom meeting ID: 811 4967 4590
Access code: FlyTying21 [two capitals, no spaces]


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A special event for fly tyers:
An exciting on-line seminar
coming Thursday, May 26!

May 26 (Thursday)

7 p.m. Eastern live on Zoom:

Making and Using Your Own Dubbing

By popular demand, we're delighted to offer an encore presentation of our popular workshop on how to make your own custom dubbing! This exciting workshop will teach you the tricks you need to know to create uniquely-crafted dubbing blends that'll add a whole new dimension to your fly tying adventure -- and after making some dubbing blends in the first half of the program, we'll put them to use in the second half to create a great fly for spring fishing!

Here's what you'll need to be a part of this exciting workshop:

1) Yarn in a variety of colors and textures, including red
2) Antron or similar yarn (to add some sparkle)
3) Super-fine flash -- Ice Dub (not a blend) from your local fly shop...or a material called "Angelina," a very fine stranded flash 
4) Rabbit fur from hide or hare's mask. 
5) Perhaps some other hair types too...bucktail? Calf tail? Squirrel tail? The possibilities are wide open!

A host of other materials can be incorporated into your dubbing making, and we'll talk about a number of them in our workshop. But to get you started, the four noted above will do the job.

NOTE: For your convenience, we're offering a deluxe package of dubbing-making materials on our webstore! This package is loaded with a wide variety of yarns, synthetics, hair types, and other materials which you can use to create custom dubbing blends of your own. Think of it as a super-sized "dubbing construction set," and get ready to create all sorts of unique and creative dubbing blends!

TO BLEND THE DUBBING: We'll be taking the simple approach and using two wire-tine cat-grooming brushes. You can find these in pet shops and big-box retailers and even in the grocery store! 

ZOOM Meeting ID: 823 6566 5865
Passcode: Dubbing [with a capital D]


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