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This Saturday
Sept. 18
on The Tying Bench:

Tying the Seaducer

Sometimes, as when nymphing, you want your flies to sink fast.
     But there are other times that you want your fly to just hang there in the water column so you can inch it along slowly until...until...WHAM! A big bass or a giant redfish or snook grabs it, and the battle is on!
     When you want a slow-sinking fly, the pattern known as the Seaducer is the answer.
    The Seaducer was developed by Homer Rhodes, a commercial snook fisherman, in the 1940s. In the water, it really does seem to defy gravity too!
     Besides being appealing to fish, the Seaducer offers three big pluses: It lands softly in the water, it quickly sheds water when you cast it, and it is FUN and EASY to tie! 
     This Saturday, we'll be tying Seaducers for late summer and fall bass fishing. We'll tie on standard-length or 1XL size 1 to 1/0 hooks; either fresh or saltwater styles will work. We'll also use some strung hackle or "schlappen" feathers plus a touch of flash. As far as feather colors go, I suggest one of two color combinations -- either green/red or yellow/red (and you can substitute pink for the red if you wish). If you'd prefer to go with a classic, opt for white/red or even purple/red. You'll also need some red or pink thread (3/0 is fine for this one) and some pearl or silver (or other color) Crystal Flash or Flashabou. 
     I think you'll enjoy tying and fishing this fly, and I look forward to tying it with you this Saturday. It's one of my favorites!


Hook: Size 1 or 1/0, regular or 1XL fresh or saltwater hook. 

Thread: Red or pink, 3/0 or 6/0

Tail: Long strung hackle feathers or "schlappen" feathers in yellow, olive, white, purple, or other non-red color. Look for feathers with barbs that are a bit longer than the gape of the hook you'll be using. The red/pink feather used at the front should have barbs of about the same length, or maybe a little longer, than the barbs of the main body feathers. The accompanying photo will give you an idea of what you need.

Flash: A few strands of Crystal Flash or Flashabou -- pearl, silver, or a color chosen to match the color of the tail and main body.

Main body: Same feathers used to form the tail, palmered in close-spaced turns.

Front of body: Red or pink feathers wrapped to form a narrow zone of red or pink at the front of the fly.


Saturday, Sept. 18, 10 a.m. Eastern
Meeting ID: 865 2192 2040

Passcode: FlyTying18


Please note that you'll now find summary instructions each week on the Tying Bench page of this website! These are designed for you to reference during our Saturday morning tying get-togethers. You may find it helpful to print them out and have them handy as you tie!


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